Ernst Mulders

I like to make digital products that (lots of) people use.


- Partner & Operations Director @ eVect
- Owner @ (TijdTikker, WieMee)


- Computer Science MSc, Delft University of Technology, current
- Computer Science bridge program, Delft University of Technology, finished
- Civil Engineering BSc, Delft University of Technology, finished

Achievements I'm proud of

- Cycled from Amsterdam to Marocco (3430km) in 5 weeks
- Finished 3 marathons (out of 3), best time 3:41:28
- Achieved 10km in 39:56 (running)
- Whenever a project of mine is noticed by the press (e.g. The Next Web)
- Reached the front-page of Hacker News (with
- Starting a company at age 17 (obtaining permission from a judge to start as a minor)
- Growing my own company to a team of 13